Also Known As:

Mount Elysium, Valhalla, The Mountain


Mars (Northern Oceans)


Mount Elysium is just visible from Isidis Bay. It’s one of the largest mountains on Mars, but dwarfed in the Northern Ocean.

Need to Know (Before you Go):

While Elysium isn’t literally the home of Pulse, over the years it’s become the corporation’s figurative home, and is Pulse’s largest corpornation on Mars. Elysium welcomes visitors, particularly during fight season…and it’s really always fight season, isn’t it?

The Disks: “Neighborhoods” of the sprawl

Tethera (stub)

Every neighborhood needs the creepy abandoned wreck on the north side of town. For Elysium, it’s Tethera.

Storm (stub)

One of the biggest arenas in Sol, Storm caters to big team sports, and truly Olympian after-parties.

Keberus (stub)

Home of the greatest kitchens on Mars. If you think yours is better, they’ll arm wrestle you for it.

Idylle (stub)

Entry to the Elysium corptown sprawl, gateway to tourists and newbies alike.

Discourse (stub)

Home of Pulse’s cutthroat competitive sports commentator scene. Yes, there are people commentating on the commentators, we’ve heard it before.

Croix (stub)

Open and foresty, the park and woodland district of the sprawl.

Aurum (stub)

The financial district and Pulse’s in-house creative accounting division.

Apex and Dias (stub)

Two gems of power in the oversized belt buckle of glory that is Elysium

GM Notes

More than anything else, Elysium should have the presence of Pulse about it. Even the ground itself seems soaked in epic myth, named after ancient Greek gods. At least for the first couple of days, walking the sprawl, with the mountains rising up on each side, a Vector should feel like they’re in the palm of some huge dragon’s hand. The landscape and the people seem dominated by sports and competition, ever looking upward.

There’s a myth. Well, there’s a story. Maybe a legend. Everyone knows that the eyes of the corporation are on the mountains here, these are the places to be seen…preferably to be seen triumphant. But if you’ve heard the story…or if you know the legend…there’s something more. A path to greatness, certainly. But just maybe, the keys to the kingdom are held by the foes you’ll face in the arena, and the allies you’ll make.