Summary:The quintessential post-apoc sport, recently defictionalized. Wasteland Jugger is played with an actual dog skull and non-foam weapons.

Teams/Players: Teams of eight, only five on the field: the qwik, an unarmed runner who’s able to touch the skull. Chain, a player armed with a chain. Four Enforcers, armed with pretty much anything (except a chain). Three substitutes, as lethality is pretty high.

Uniforms/Equipment: Uniforms: Wasteland Jugger is played with whatever protection can be scraped together from the wreckage of hollywood sets. Sport Jugger armor is generally of the home-made LARP armor family. Equipment: Your pick of weapons. Two mounds, roughly pyramidal structures that act as baskets/goals. A foam rubber (Sport Rules) or real (Wasteland Rules) dog’s skull, the game’s ball.

Rules/Play: Each game is made of two halves (or possibly thirds), each lasting something like 80 or 100 “stones” (the time it takes to pick up and throw a stone at a gong, about 1.5 seconds.) A full game takes about 3-4 minutes of play. In Sport Jugger, various penalties and are assessed based on stones, a player is out if pinned for a certain number of stones, and is out of play for a certain number of stones. One suspects that in Wasteland Jugger being “out” is more of a permanent state.

Broadly, the round begins with the two quicks wrestling for the skull in a center ring. If one of them leaves the circle, the Enforcers can move into the circle. The Qwiks attempt to get the skull into the opposing team’s goal. It’s fairly straightforward, there’s a lot of variation in Sport Jugger rules as to how players can be taken out and what’s considered a legal hit.

Variations: Jugger Sport rules and terminology are slightly different based on what nation or region’s rules you’re playing under.

More information: Rules for the LARP or Sport Jugger on Wikipedia. Read the German rulebook in translation. The international German site also has links to purchase or download the book.