Summary:From the universe of Eureka Seven, Lifting is a surfing sport where players ride waves of aerial “trapar.”

Teams/Players: Solitary sport, like surfing.

Uniforms/Equipment: Uniforms: None, informal sport played in street clothes. Equipment: Lifting boards which can make use of the properties of “trapar” to provide lift.

Rules/Play: No rules, this seems to be a freeform sport like Surfing.

History/Culture: Popular on a planet that is saturated with “transparence light particles” which make the activity possible.

Notes: Since this is fundamentally anti-gravity surfing, perhaps it’s too humdrum to have included. However, one element that makes it stand out somewhat is that the players use a specific substance for their anti-gravity lift, “trapar.” If the sport was adapted so that clouds of sparkling, slightly heavier-than-air gas could be shaped, contained, and controlled, challenge courses and public arenas could be generated, obstacles could be incorporated and navigated for speed or style, and the sport could take on enough unique characteristics to stand on its own.