Summary: The smallest big game hunting, as miniaturization technology lets adventurers and romantics safari the digestive system. From William Tenn’s “Winthrop was Stubborn.”

Teams/Players: Not a team sport, so much as an adventure for romantic types who think there just isn’t enough panache and glamour in traditional medicine.

Uniforms/Equipment: Obviously, some very serious miniaturization technology is needed to play. Beyond that, a scuba-type suit and a sword. An automatic weapon is a sensible piece of insurance, though.

Rules/Play: Typically, players set a timer for when they will return to normal size, five minutes to ten minutes seems to be the norm. Hunters explore the microbiotic ecosystem armed with a sword, seeking out various cultures. Typically the miniaturized size of the hunter is selected based on their quarry, typically twice the size of whatever is being hunted, in microns. 35 microns is fairly standard, but some particularly dangerous beasties can be up to twice that.

Typically micro-hunting is done under reasonably controlled circumstances, with a pure culture purchased for the occasion. But less cautious, more adventurous types might risk a natural culture, and more than a few have died of dysentery in a way that was never imagined in “Oregon Trail.”

History/Culture: A game for the idle rich and dangerously bored in the scifi/social parody worlds of William Tenn.