Summary:A dangerous little ball-and-stick game, the sort of sport Starfleet warned you about.

Teams/Players: Two teams of four players, substitutions are available. The game allows for mixed genders, but given that it’s Star Trek and Roddenberrian in its DNA, this isn’t much of a surprise.

Uniforms/Equipment: Uniforms: Padded uniforms in team colors, and something called an “ion mallet.”

Rules/Play: IT doesn’t appear that there’s a lot known about Parrises Squares specifically in Star Trek canon, but blogger John Baas has a detailed outline of some hypothetical rules on his blog. He suggests a ball-in-hoop game with two goals separated by a pyramid, sort of a mixture of basketball and “king of the hill.” Somehow, a padded mallet is involved, which must add to the injuries by a huge factor.

Looking at a wiki full of references to the sport, it seems like it exists to be a bad idea, an endless source of injuries and admonishments from doctors and parents.

Go Fighting Phoenixes!