Summary:The quintessential pick-up game from the Battlestar Galactica universe

Teams/Players: As few as two players, as many as the field will hold, but played most commonly with teams of six.

Uniforms/Equipment: Light protection for the hands, head, and knees. Played in a triangular court, with sloping plinths set with baskets or goals. The goals are fairly small and the baskets face into the field, a narrow scoring area, so a lot of the physical contact in the sport is jockeying for position in to get a clean shot into the goal.

Rules/Play: Unclear, as a point of pride: no rule book made it onto any of the refugee ships in the Battlestar universe, so a contempt of fussy rules and referees is a part of the game’s culture. the court can be small, for a two-person “alley” game, or massively large with proportionally more goal plinths, including an inner ring. It seems like regulation fields are about the size of a typical baseball diamond. The flexibility of this game, with street versions, alley versions, back-of-the-house courts, standard courts, and massively oversized courts for teams of 50+, add an element of believability to this game that a lot of sci-fi sports lack. It’s blessedly far away from quidditch.

Physically, the game is “anything goes,” but if you get in a hit against an opponent, you’ll have to face revenge tackles (even if you don’t have the ball.)

The game has elements of basketball (no traveling or limited traveling), rugby (anyone with the ball can be tackled), . There are fouls, but no one calls them, it’s against the spirit of the game.

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