Terror of the Brain Bugs

Dr. Gelic Saan attempts to “Vector” a nymph, and and is eaten by his creation. Within a month, an “Exonymph” colony begins in a Venusian ocean lab. Nymphs are a common constructed life form across all of Sol, a sort of biological computer to...

The Dawn March III

With Venus terraforming complete, Mercury has a new neighbor, and the Dawn March rolls forward again as an industrial research base, its slagged fleet supplemented with the construction ships from Venus. A home of last resort for the truly desperate, voted third-best...

Piracy, Police

Trade between Mars and Venus creates trade routes…and piracy. The “pirate period” lasts 80 years before a new energy source helps Vectors develop ship-based weaponry. The beginning of the Inner Ring Police Force.

Terraforming of Venus

Terraforming of Venus begins, “the most expensive publicity stunt in recorded history.” Rumors of life in Venus’s clouds and acid pools circulate.