Also Known As: Infinite Designs
Zone: Mars
Location: In close equatorial orbit, with a close enough view to see Mars’s sparkling Lightshow. Dracoloup is in a cluster of stations along a major Mars-Venus route.

With thanks to Wolfy Wett Furr!


Dracoloup’s corporate office was carefully selected for access to two of the most critical districts in Sol—Valles Marineris and Olympus Mons. From its close orbit, Dracoloup Corporation has a breathtaking view of the social and commercial capitals of Mars, a view which he has been known to share with clients and visitors over a bottle of sauvignon rus du amenthes.

A young corporation, Dracoloup slipped Mars’s clutches some 15 years ago so that its founder and head designer could launch a product line of apparel and equipment tailored to exotic body types…functional, attractive, and in many cases, affordable. With a successful runway show and some angel investors (literal ones too, finding a good outfit for wings? Not easy!) he branched out into practical tools, more ledger-friendly designs, and challenging body types. A few contracts from the Empyrean sealed his reputation.

Visiting Dracoloup’s HQ may not be possible for every budget, but the corporation’s talent scouts are always on the lookout for talented designers, models with grace and singular body types, and that elusive “next big thing.” Visitors with one or more of these may find themselves swept into the station for an impromptu audience with the CEO himself, he keeps a hands-on approach.

While you’re at Dracoloup, you may want to visit:

The Runway, which has one of the more spectacular backdrops in the fashion solar system. Everybody looks good with Mars rising behind them and Mars’s Lightshow pulsing to their entrance music.

Penthouse 2 and 3, modeled after the CEO’s own quarters, though the wolf-dragon’s window opens out onto the stars. The two suites are configurable to a variety of body types, though always with Dracoloup’s signature curves and luminous inlays. On occasion Dracoloup hosts new talent and visiting dignitaries, and having some of Pulse’s high-end spa options on hand for a taur or micro is one of those little perks that say “we care.”

Need to Know (before you go)

Office of a mid-level design corp, access to Dracoloup is by invitation only. Unless you make a really big entrance.

GM Notes

Sliv’oth: CEO of Dracoloup corp. He’s a hybrid of wolf and some exotic dragon, with blue scales and fur and a long reptilian tail that’s proven difficult to fit in a MarsCo standard space suit. Young-looking, he doesn’t look the part of the head of a mid-sized corporation, and still has enthusiasm for the hands-on aspects of his business. Many of the day-to-day operations are delegated through Pantra, his tiger assistant

Sliv’oth, and his company, are interested in all sides of design and user experience: tools and equipment, furniture and architectural templates, and, of course, wearable design. Though the splashy world of Sol fashion has been where they’ve been most visible.

Plot Seeds

I’ll have the classic ‘Princess,’ hold the garlic: This is one of the grand old plots of RPGs: shepherding the prima donna character on their errands. He or she is just as aggravating, naive, and demanding as you’d expect, though as a twist the “princess” could be hired Spyglass muscle, or a Pulse star with some shapechanging augmentation, on a mission that has nothing to do with why the characters are chauffeuring them around town…

Velvet and Flames: During the big fashion season in the Vale, a particularly nasty and “unexpected” hotzone breaks out. Some of Dracoloup’s clients put out a cry for help, and the corp subcontracts to the PCs for an emergency rescue. For maximum chaos, include at least one taur, one micro, and one lateral on the emergency lift list. Unfortunately for the PCs, the real targets of the hotzone are the clients themselves. (See “Beckett’s” for some non-canon fashion district ideas.)