Also Known As:

The CEO of Sleeze, Pierce




Lianthe or Shobolan in the Bastion region, usually at his office at the Titan Film Co-operative

Need to Know (Before you Go):

The weasel is shameless by Pulse standards. If you’re not careful, when you enter his gravitational field you’ll be swept along in his orbit, and unless you’re desperate to get into movies, nothing good will come of this…


Titan Film Cooperative

Proud producer of Z-list knockoff films, action/romance/comedy/thriller romps, indie art projects, and whatever else they can produce for under a thousand creds


A decaying corptown populated by slumming artists, back-to-nature laterals, squatters, and the film industry.

Doomtown Film Fest

Sol’s exclusive “best of the best of the worst” film festival


CEO, director, casting, catering, lead writer, and frequent star of Titan Film Co-op


Dubbed “The CEO of Sleeze” by his many friends and a dozen less printable names by anybody who’s worked for him, @ThatsPierce!2232 (Or just “Pierce”) is not and will never be one of Pulse’s up-and-coming media stars. It’s impossible to rise up when you’re too busy digging down.

Pierce is a strung-out weasel, mostly pale tan with a strip of diamond-shaped black patches along his back, hair in a “punch me please” ponytail, and the cheapest knockoffs of the hottest clothes. He usually accessorizes with a huge grin, a Titan Films tee, and the highest quality arm-candy drugs can buy.

Pierce’s appetite for self-promotion is insatiable, but he’s gotten so much bad publicity over the course of his life that any new scandal simply adds to the mountain of press clips…good or bad. His reputation is big, it doesn’t have to be positive.

Pierce will greenlight any film, as long as it’s got enough action, sex, laughs, or spectacle. He’s got a gift for knowing exactly how low he can drop production costs to bring in some kind of money, even if that means hiring actors who’ll work for beer and pizza and a chance to get in bed with the one celebrity in the credits (no, that’s not written into the contract. Seriously, you think there was a contract?)

GM Notes

Pierce’s motivations are simple, his bribery rates are low, and his energy is endless, powered by the powerful racial batteries every weasel has shoved up their tails and an almost limitless supply of drugs. He’ll cast anyone in a film and produce almost any script that’s shoved into his hands, as long as he’s not bored. He’s also a dedicated xenophile and keeps a bucket list of bodies he wants to press himself against. Highest on the list are “Cog with flowform chassis,” “Exonymph (female, if they have gender, I do not know what male bugs have down there and don’t want to find out),” “someone with macro enhancement and that weird purple goo body mod,” and “the Venus Dragon.” It’s good to have a plan.

His biggest weakness–and Pierce has no shortage of flaws–is his complete dependence on his personal assistant(s) for anything like a long-term memory or strategy. He has had many assistants, all named “Babe,” and they have almost as much power in Titan as Pierce does, until he gets in a snit over a financial loss or a misunderstanding over the price of someone’s virtue. Even then, he doesn’t always remember who he fired.