Pantheon, Inc.

The Watery Depths




The Aino Sea, a deep region of the ocean in the southern region of Venus near Odva

General Information

This is a series of articles breaking out one part of a campaign/adventure, “Pantheon, Inc.,” built around high-level Pulse executives transformed into ancient monsters. This particular mini-setting focuses around returning to the wild, the ocean, and maybe just a little bit of TTI weirdness. Have fun!

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The Warden

A life-and-death quest across Venus, with immortality as the prize…

Pantheon, Inc.

A life-and-death quest across Venus, with immortality as the prize…

The History

This was not part of the plan. South of Odva ™ in the depths of Aino, there is a creature that isn’t playing the game. The prior holder of this region went silent 30 years ago. Red Sveta, a rare TTI player, took the mantle from the Lord of an atlantean undersea kingdom. Sveta became a coastal pirate queen and marauding sea serpent. Dodecatheon had rules to play by, Sveta had a legit claim to her crown, but Dodecatheon aims to fill the big 12 with retired Pulse executives who want to keep a foot in the Game, or at the very least Pulse loyals. So they started grooming a replacement.

Sveta’s rival came in the form of Boomtown, a 40something shark with family on Europa. Boomtown had been making waves in competitive boating and sailing across the great ocean of Mars, and was looking for some new thrills. Boomtown came with a surprisingly well funded team, and Dodecatheon thought he had the spirit and resources to take down Sveta, but the corp still hasn’t gotten its lost Crown back. They’re still not sure what happened. What they do know is that neither Sveta nor Boomtown are checking their voicemail.

The new crown in the region is something altogether more primal than Dodecatheon has dealt with before. Reports keep surfacing of a great lateral shark hidden in the depths of the Aino. There are some disturbing parallels to TTI’s lost orca probes: this shark, if it exists, had proven impossible to detect on sensors, more evasive than should be possible for a beast of its size, and it seems to have some sort of mental control over the true sharks in the ocean nearby. Worse, it isn’t playing the game at all, and several vectors have lost their ships or their lives trying to find it.

Dodecatheon did the only responsible thing in this situation: they raised the challenge rating to six and doubled down on waivers.

The Rules (now)

This particular trial has gone off the rails and is no longer under Dodecatheon’s control. That hasn’t stopped them from monetizing it, the corp just recognizes that it’s one of the more dangerous of their features, and strongly discourages casual tourists from participating.