Welcome to Spyglass! Not as bad as reports from THEM would have you believe.

Episode #56 – Spyglass Town!

Levels…still a problem. The fourth mike and second dog are both giving us trouble. Solutions may be happening.

Show Notes

0.03.07 — Something something rules-light character generation for HSD something. Sev mentioned this in Discord but I didn’t get the fine details…

0.08.50 — Spyglass unsuccessfully compared to french pastry. I think we were hungry this episode. It’s decentralized and layered, and nothing at all is labelled. Much like french pastry.

0.11.36 — Subsidiaries and Spyglass. Is this still a part of their business plan?

0.13.00 — We’ve never been very pro-spyglass at our gaming table. Ashtaar speculates that it’s because they lack the raw power of organization that the other corporations share.

0.17.35 — Overlap in Pulse and Spyglass…similar values, structurally. Both value exploration, Pulse individually and Spyglass cooperatively.

0.19.34 — Spyglass towns and surveillance, and Corbeau goes off in a random direction

0.22.17 — Sing, social currency, and justice in Spyglass. Sing is the social glue that helps Spyglass actually work. I still don’t know if you can actually buy a big mac with sing though. Is it tracked? It almost has to be. Somehow. YT takes an aside on China’s social credit system.

0.28.18 — Corbeau compares Spyglass to medieval European justice systems, which had incredibly harsh laws, but were enforced only on the right or wrong sort of people. Strict rules mediated by social norms. Generally, even if the rules say “death penalty for sodomy,” in practice, there weren’t that many death penalties, even in the blue district.

0.34.20 — Spyglass is unusual in that they actually work with democratic governments and other governmental structures, like social tinkertoys. Huh. Variety may be the only way to protect an organization from Hydra.

0.38.25 — Spyglass citizens describe themselves as “confidently paranoid.” We break that open here for a while: how do you deal with a society of liars? Also, I try to remember “House of Stairs” from 25 years ago.

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