It’s Alive: TTI expands its catalog

TTI expands their catalog as they learn more about the “native” life on Europa, developing bioships, living armor, and strangely interactive implants. The creation of customized life becomes the meat and potato service offered by the company as the flow of...

Transcendentally Weird

Life on Europa is…different. Violence erupts on the ice moon, and TTI’s bioship fleet shows a strange telepathic communication. Spyglass investigates after Europa’s second mass suicide. TTI, always a very private organization, begins to withdraw from...

A New Ganymede, A New Jove

As the darkness of the Whisper Era fades, Ganymede and Europa rebuild their relations. Ganymede finds balance between its covered domes and its tribal culture. Some of this may be a result of MarsCo taking over Stellarum, and Big M’s stabilizing presence. Date:...

Ivory Tower

Construction begins on the Spear of Heaven, a Bonewerk tower on Europa bigger than several cities. Date: 540 AE, canon timeline

Stellarum Sets

Interplanetary shipyard and Bluesky construction firm Stellarum is reabsorbed by MarsCo, the recession and post-whisper mood don’t favor luxury and travel. Date: 513 AE, uncertain. Closely tied to the Whisper attack on Mars and the recession/travel restrictions...

Alien Intelligence: The Monolith

Discovery of the Monolith and other xeno-archeology under Europa’s ocean provides proof of non-terrestrial life, and a strange link to the horrors of Vector past.

Stellarum and Ganymede’s Tech Industry

Space ship and Bluesky construction megacorp Stellarum opens its Ganymede branch, creating a tech and industry hub in the Jovian region. Date: Rough estimate, 50 years after Ganymede’s completion

Colonization of Europa begins

TTI begins a cleaner colonization of Europa. Unlike the terraforming of Ganymede and Mars, this will leave any potential life on Europa intact for future scientific exploration and corporate profiteering.

TTI Funding Campaign Successful!

During Venus terraforming, reports of primitive life in its atmosphere and seas. Concerns about planetwide biocide fuel the expansion of a new Corp with a cleaner solution for exploring and inhabiting Europa: Transcendent Technologies Incorporated. The fledgling Corp...

Bombs over Io

Jupiter’s moon Io becomes a destination for covert military mayhem and large-scale off-the-record corporate warfare.

TTI first visits Europa

TTI, then a small biotech firm, mounts its first expedition to Europa, finding traces of extraterrestrial life. Date: Estimated, there’s the suggestion of an early visit to Venus in the 2.0 lore that may predate TTI’s official launch as a...

Gas Giant

Construction of the Nephalim Mana Platform near Ganymede completed

Beginning of Ganymede Colony

As Mars begins to feel the edges of population creep, Ganymede seems like a good place to begin the next big colonization of Sol. Europa may or may not have been tentatively explored by an earlier incarnation of TTI at this point, and its exploration occurs close to...

Stellarum’s High Point

Stellarum, originally a Marsco spinoff, establishes itself as the guardian MegaCorp of Luna, focusing on shipbuilding on Luna, Mars, and later on Ganymede.