The Age of Mars

History is written by the winners, and we are dealing with the history of the vectors, the undisputed victors of the greatest, and last, culture war in humanity’s long history of same. When the curtain parts on Mars, the spotlight of history remains on the red...

Humanity’s Dark Age

In the years following the destruction of their homeworld, humanity has what, conservatively, one could call a cultural good cry. There is no way to get a full figure of how much of Terra’s information wealth is lost, either to the nuclear destruction of the...

Pale Rumors

Sightings and contact with Palemen occur around Mars. Over the next few decades awareness of a permanent Paleman population begins to form as IRPF connects the dots. There is an expansion of Paleman activity around this point, and the exact timeline is a bit hazy, but...

“For Deimos”

Mars’s smaller moon is accidentally destroyed to make way for an interplanetary bypass. A bluesky station, “For Deimos,” is created in its place (metaphorically speaking, the original moonlet was a huge distance away.

Population Rises

Martian population at 3 billion; luna colony 35,000 people. Mars has about 1/5 the surface area of Earth: population becomes a concern

Phobos Expands

Along with the rise of Stellarum, Phobos Base expands as a shipyard, port, and destination in its own right. Eventually the small asteroid moon doubles in size.

The Plague Years

After over a century of robust health, disease rears its ugly head again. MarsCo pushes toward a charity-based health care system. Genetic therapy titan Genotype takes the brunt of the blame. It’s nearly 10 years before science rebottles this particular...

Genotype Discorporated

Megacorp “Genotype” destroyed by mice, executing the board on public television. How much of this is the work of brave rodents and how much is a tactical strike against the failing medical megacorp is unknown. Exact date: unknown, likely somewhere between...

Cat vs Rat: Felidae Pushback Against Genotype

Under a banner of assumed noble intent, Felidae waged a economic/social campaign against Genotype, either to destroy it or make a profit. Date: Estimated, some 150 years after Generation 3 and the period leading up to Genotype collapse and the Plague...

Generation Mouse

Rat-owned Megacorp “Genotype” creates the mouse Vectors, which are not, technically, a slave race. They are the first new vectors created in over a hundred years, and the last. Date: estimated, 20 years prior to Genotype’s collapse and the Plague...

MarsCo Adopts the Ledger

“Ledger” system developed by a young ferret on a bet. It spreads through the web before MarsCo discovers and adopts it. The massive edge this gives to MarsCo and its subsidiary companies, who now effectively control the stable currency of Sol, cannot be...

Phobos Base

Mars’s moon Phobos is reserved as a biological bank and technological archive, likely by Genotype. Evidence of this will be buried under kilometers of spaceport construction over the next seven centuries. Date: Estimated, some time after 70 AE

ASR Creates Cogs, Cogs define ASR

MarsCo branch creates first artificial intelligence: Cogs. 10 years of minor changes and edits follow. Following this triumph, Applied Science and Robotics stands as an independent Megacorp.

The First Subsidiaries

MarsCo spins off ASR as a tech company, and Pulse, Genotype are founded as subdivisions of MarsCo.

Generation Three Completed

The final official generation of Vectors is released into the wilds: reptiles, aquatics, bats, some seals, raccoons, birds. The race has reconciled itself with its occasionally chaotic DNA, and most of the morphisms we know today are present in Gen 3. Date: Estimated,...

The Credit

“Credit” economy system developed, but without a strong backbone, it’s unstable. However, as Terra is a blackened cinder, no obvious currency basis exists.

Homeland Mars

Terraforming of Mars completed. Much of Terra’s wildlife has been transplanted. As the Gen One vectors age, they have children. The economy of Mars begins to take shape. Date: Estimated, a few years after Generation 3 begins

Generation Three: “Sink or Swim”

Planning for Vector Generation 3 begins, over 10,000 individuals. The equipment to create them would be decommissioned after their release. Birds, reptiles, aquatics are part of Gen III, ironically called “Project Sink or Swim.”

Spaceport Nuclear Terror!

Hemi-Vector covert agent smuggles nuclear weapon into Mars, destroying spaceport and 700 human colonists. While heroic action saves the Mars base, the station’s doors are symbolically, and perhaps literally, closed.

Birth of MarsCo

The Mars colony corporations join together to create the first extraterrestrial corporation: MarsCo.