The Rat Race

A flaw in the Rat species’ coding and anti-mutt protocol threatens to muddle all the various breeds of rat into a homogeneous single species. The rats embrace this. With Genotype’s assistance, over several decades they selectively refine their breed into...

Rabbit Race War

Felidae rallies its members against a common enemy (the rabbits). Five years of cold war and six months of hot. Cats feel vaguely guilty for the next 50 years or so. Date: 510, heavily estimated. The original mention of this was in Core Extended in the write-up of the...

Cog2.0: Cogsune Launch Failure

“Cog2.0” announced by Aron So, CEO of ASR. Fired next day. The covert Cogsune project continues to this day. Generally this has been regarded as one of the biggest marketing blunders or best corporate cover-ups in the history of history, as ASR has been...

The Master’s Voice

An antiquarian discovers the “masters’ voice” effect, apparently deliberately programmed into vectors: analog recordings of humans singing are strangely hypnotic. Later, the effect is used in the “Neuroplex” learning device.

Generation Mouse

Rat-owned Megacorp “Genotype” creates the mouse Vectors, which are not, technically, a slave race. They are the first new vectors created in over a hundred years, and the last. Date: estimated, 20 years prior to Genotype’s collapse and the Plague...

ASR Creates Cogs, Cogs define ASR

MarsCo branch creates first artificial intelligence: Cogs. 10 years of minor changes and edits follow. Following this triumph, Applied Science and Robotics stands as an independent Megacorp.

Generation Three Completed

The final official generation of Vectors is released into the wilds: reptiles, aquatics, bats, some seals, raccoons, birds. The race has reconciled itself with its occasionally chaotic DNA, and most of the morphisms we know today are present in Gen 3. Date: Estimated,...

Owl Terror

One wing of the Avialae family mutates horribly, creating homocidal monsters. Hundreds of developing Vector embryos destroyed. Avialae’s reputation never completely recovers.

Generation Three: “Sink or Swim”

Planning for Vector Generation 3 begins, over 10,000 individuals. The equipment to create them would be decommissioned after their release. Birds, reptiles, aquatics are part of Gen III, ironically called “Project Sink or Swim.”

Protovector “Race” Fades Away

Without a stable breeding population, if any members of the “protovector” race survive the destruction of Terra, they are likely reaching the ends of their lifespans.

Science Embraces the Cat-Girl

Terran scientists create “hemi-vectors,” hoping the added genetic diversity and resiliance would help preserve the species. Genetic modification can be applied to creatures after they are born. MarsCo begins hemivector refugee program (adding useful...

Generation Two: The “Golden” Generation

Vector Generation 2: “The Golden Generation.” Error-prone expressions of what would later be known as morphisms develop as flawed mutt protocols create mutations. 3,000 vectors added to the race’s population. Mustelidae, most of Rodentia.

Protovectors – Generation One Fades

The first generation of humanoid designer pets nears the end of its ten-year lifespan. Many of them are beloved helpers and companions, and as they age and die, Terran sentiment toward vectors softens, somewhat.

Generation One

Vector Generation 1: 180 individuals created from six species. Canines, Felines, some seals (more in 3rd gen) Ursines, Mongoose. Squirrels used as initial test cases, and may be first vectors. Date: Estimated, 5 years prior to canon “MarsCo Goes Silent”...

The “Save Them” Memo

Marsco receives all information needed to create bipedal protovectors from an anonymous terran source.

Protovectors: Walk On Two Legs

Bipedal protovectors created, though still mentally similar to domestic pets. Protests, outrage, scandal, and ridiculously high demand follow.

Protovectors: The Sphinx

The protovector sphinx created in Martian bio research labs as an off-the-books project, soon followed by griffins, dragons, and other mythical creatures. They become the ultimate status pet.

Terran Nations Ban New Life Forms

Responses to protovectors ranging from exploitation to open warfare and murder show a strong need for legislative control of the “species.” All government-run countries unilaterally ban protovectors. When possible, protovectors euthanized. Moral outrage...