Earth Quarantine

The IRPF establishes a permanent quarantine zone around Terra, which completely discourages any sort of freelance exploration of the area. Totally.

Early Transcendance

The seeds of Terra’s destruction are found on Europa, centuries before TTI unlocks the ice-moon’s secrets. Radio telescopes trained on Europa discern the shape of the monolith, and use its strange geometry to code a very dangerous artificial intelligence....

Terror of the Brain Bugs

Dr. Gelic Saan attempts to “Vector” a nymph, and and is eaten by his creation. Within a month, an “Exonymph” colony begins in a Venusian ocean lab. Nymphs are a common constructed life form across all of Sol, a sort of biological computer to...

Red Earth

A massive spire is constructed of the strange organic crystal “Whisperwerk,” bridging and locking together Terra and Luna. About 1/3 of Terra is stained red. Somehow the spire has its own atmosphere, physics in the Luna-Terra zone are...

Transcendent Technologies

TTI announces the capture of a Whisper, and rapidly ascends to megacorp status. Date: “Several months after the whisper attacks.” The full story of the captured whisper is a major element of Sound and Silence and informs all of TTI’s storyline from...

Pale Rumors

Sightings and contact with Palemen occur around Mars. Over the next few decades awareness of a permanent Paleman population begins to form as IRPF connects the dots. There is an expansion of Paleman activity around this point, and the exact timeline is a bit hazy, but...

Earth Voyage III and the Destruction of Luna

Mission launched to Earth. Data and records captured from strangely lifeless world. “Pale Man” attack destroys many. Months later, crew returning to Luna unleash a plague of monsters somehow hidden in their blood. Luna Colony is quarantined and destroyed...

The Whisper Crash

A ship launched from Earth explodes while leaving Terran space. A new interest in exploring Terra begins. This may have been an attempt by the Paleman race to flee a new force developing on Terra, and is more or less concurrent with the Whisper threat. However,...

Alien Intelligence: The Monolith

Discovery of the Monolith and other xeno-archeology under Europa’s ocean provides proof of non-terrestrial life, and a strange link to the horrors of Vector past.

TTI first visits Europa

TTI, then a small biotech firm, mounts its first expedition to Europa, finding traces of extraterrestrial life. Date: Estimated, there’s the suggestion of an early visit to Venus in the 2.0 lore that may predate TTI’s official launch as a...

Mission: Earth 2; Pale Man

A second attempt at exploring Terra begins months later, focusing on space ship silos. Team 2 sent two months later. They find strange script on the bunker walls, echoing the weird scrawls left by the monstrous owls centuries ago. They are quickly dispatched by more...

The Zapruder Holo: Pale Man on Camera

Over the next 30 years the cameras planted by the Luna One explorers broadcast images from earth, before being disabled by a strang, thin byped with no eyes, dubbed “Pale Man.” Date: Estimated, 15 years after the death of Last Human Family

Last Human Family Killed

The Terran colony maintains itself for 15 years before being wiped from the surface by alien horrors, later called “an attack by local wildlife” on MarsCo’s news briefs.

Owl Terror

One wing of the Avialae family mutates horribly, creating homocidal monsters. Hundreds of developing Vector embryos destroyed. Avialae’s reputation never completely recovers.

Hydra Unleashed

Backs to the wall, Terran corporations release a virus to seize control of government weaponry. Hydra launches weapons for the next six years.