Wayfinder’s Guide to Mars

Mars! The Big Red! Sooner or later every Vector makes a trip to the homeland of the raceā€”and no wonder! Mars is the center of culture and commerce for Sol. A legacy of 700 years gives Mars so much more weight than a simple planet: it’s where everything began.


Mars: The Story (no article)

Life On Mars

Welcome to Mars! Try not to stare.

Mapping Mars (no article)

Mars Resources (no article)

Mars: GM Notes

Keywords and concepts to help build the red planet

Holidays and Festivals

Merry Day

A night of red-eyed revelry as Clan Mouse celebrates its freedom


The system’s spotlight pet show, and a dozen spinoff events

Black Friday (review)

A populist festival of dead corporate shills, and a warning to the MegaCorps

Doomtown Film Fest

Sol’s exclusive “best of the best of the worst” film festival


The Tharsis Rise (Stub)

The basalt heart of old Mars

The Southern Plains (stub)

Windswept plains and Mars’s icy southern pole

The Sabia Wetlands (stub)

Rich farmland, frozen tundra, and bountiful harvests.

The Northern Ocean (stub) (review)

A vast and largely temperate ocean, the Northern Ocean sprawls across almost half the planet.

The Vale (review)

3,000 Km of the most desirable real estate in Sol…

The Mars System (stub)

Jewels in the crown of the solar system

Mars Orbit (stub)

Destinations drifting in the fourth planet’s wake