Frigid and windswept, the Southern Plains stretch from rocky shore to frozen pole, every inch between as welcoming as the extremes. Save for the crater lake region of Aeonia near the great Argyre Lake, the Southern Planes are chilled by gusts of south polar air, blasted by the relentless (if famous) Martian winds, suffer most from the south hemispheres, and, all in all, just aren’t the best residential zone. On the other hand, this has allowed more diversity in the corporations and groups that have settled the region, as Marsco has for the most part kept its strongholds in the warmer north.



CEO, director, casting, catering, lead writer, and frequent star of Titan Film Co-op


Bastion (Corpnation)

The Necropolis of a once-greatish Megacorp

Tyrenna (stub)

Land of tornadoes, corporate grudges, and hot zones

Astral (stub)

Mars’s bitingly cold south pole

Aeonia (stub)

Just south of Valles Marineris, no amount of marketing can make it The Vale…

Cyrenium (stub)

ASR’s corporate homeland, under the watchful eye of the Sphinx.


A frozen testing ground with an ancient legacy.


Doomtown Film Fest

Sol’s exclusive “best of the best of the worst” film festival

Black Friday (review)

A populist festival of dead corporate shills, and a warning to the MegaCorps