See also: Europa, Ganymede

Jupiter itself isn’t inhabitable, but as a powerful gravity well on the edge of the standard trade routes, with fuel and material resources easily available, Jupiter is its own miniature system and frontier.


A derelict BlueSky Station in orbit around Jupiter. Longbow is a grotto inhabited by animal-shaped vectors who’ve chosen to go feral. It’s a community formed to build a life and a society around “nature, red in tooth and claw.” You’ve been warned!

The Nephilim Mana Platform

Orbiting parallel to Ganymede, the Nephilim Platform is a fuel harvesting and refining plant that draws from Jupiter’s rich resources and provides fuel to much of Sol. The Nephilim has a modest population of 10,000 or so, usually Ganymede natives who want to spend some time off-world. It’s generally seen as a corporation-neutral station, though MarsCo is the owner on paper.