The Very Unofficial, Insanely Granular Timetable of HSD Future History

Completely mapping the HSD timeline is tricksome. Dates in HSD’s history are, with very few exceptions, fuzzy: humanity’s final gasp is somewhere between “more than a century” and “less than 150 years” after the end of most terrestrial life. That sort of thing. Given that 700 years is frequently “nearly 1000 years” in other text, there’s a wiggle degree of about 30%. And when the megacorp machine has filtered every historical record through countless spin doctors…well, Henry Ford once said “History is more or less bunk.”

Canon Note: There is no official “start” to the HSD timeline.

My personal pick for the start of the timeline—the invention of the Geomat—is 2035, but that’s an arbitrary decision, as are the arbitrary historical periods and many editorial choices on dates (I think I reversed the creation of Progenitus and IRPF, for example). Following the rulebook, this timeline’s built with a gap of unknown length between 20th century Terra and the end of humanity. In the rulebook the only date reference is “700 AE,” the rest is inferred. What’s Latin for “let the browser beware?” So by all means, change the start date and increment as you see fit. Or delete the dates entirely, in a way they’re counter to the world’s tone.

At any rate, enjoy!


1965 to...?Beginning of the "modern" information age...

The Prehistory of Sol

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-32 AE- 116 AE?Settlement and cultural foundations of Mars and Sol

The Age of Mars

History is written by the winners, and we are dealing with the history of the..Read More

130-280 AE?Sol experiments with the Free Market...

Corporate Boom

Early Sol’s corporate terrain was built exclusively by MarsCo. There’s no way around this. All..Read More

~415 AE - ~508 AEA glorious age of space adventure spanning a century!

The Interplanetary Age

Up until perhaps 350 AE, Vectors hadn’t really expanded beyond the orbit of Mars. There..Read More

~509-535 AE?After the disaster on Luna, cold war, restrictions, and rivalries dominate Sol

The Whisper Recession

For about a decade, ripples of the loss of Luna spread across Sol. MarsCo pulls..Read More

550 AE - 600 (?) AETranscendent Technology revolutionizes metaphysics

The Transcendent Age

When TTI released the Transcendent Implant, that single technology shook the corporate space, but not..Read More

605 AE - present (?)The darkest "new normal" yet.

Modern Sol

The Transcendent Age was a period that was, in a sense, controllable. The strange powers..Read More