In Hyperlocale, a patchwork of mid-sized corp villages in Avrios

Need to Know (Before you Go):

Wayfinder encourages adventure, but once in a while we need to issue a warning: Mindcraft has some truly cutting-edge ideas in psychosurgery (no pun intended), but there’s no warranty or guarantee of satisfaction with their services, and even if there were, there may not be enough left of you to file a claim.



The corptown HQ of Cynosure, branding and corptown infrastructure specialists. A sprawling patchwork of startups and stakeholders.


A new mind, and a new you. The latest and scariest startup in Avrios.

Hyperlocale (stub)

A maze of tiny corporate empires with kings on every moountain.


Your one-stop shop for branding and corptown infrastructure, now under new management

Arc Bay and Perihelion

Lumen’s shiny new spaceport, and one of the most expensive and glorious beachside experiences in Sol.


A hot, and maybe terrifying, new corp, Mindcraft is one of the newest towers on the seaward strand of Arc Bay in Hyperlocale, in a dense cluster of wellness firms. Though it’s hard to say if “wellness” is really the name of their game.

Standing out from the bland colors and feel-good facades of its neighbors, Mindcraft looks like a tech firm, a black monolith tricked out in blue and green lights, flickering logos and schematics ghosting across its surface. Inside, it’s slick and polished, disembodied voices at the help desk and very little organic interfacing, at least until the visitor becomes the client. Mindcraft’s big concept is that the Vector mind is a sophisticated computer, ultimately no different from a Cog’s matrix (well, maybe a bit messier.) With the right software and interfaces, that computer can be reprogrammed and optimized, both to repair psychological damage, add new capacities, or create entire new neural paths and programs.

The fact that this has become a major destination in Avrios says something frightening about vector culture.

Lumen Neurosurgeries


Love, now as eternal as advertised. True love doesn’t have to fade, and Mindcraft can help.

Soma (stub)

Wouldn’t life be easier if you could just set that switch to “happy?” We think so.

Neural Entanglement

Two personalities which resonate together in harmony.

Deeper (stub)

A strange and profound state of awareness. This must be what Transcendence feels like.

Cognitive Refresh

A neural nip and tuck, defragmenting disorganized memories and processes.


It’s about time someone successfully marketed a split personality…

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