Project Blue Skies

We want to add YOUR Bluesky to the HSD Universe!!

Those of you who backed the “Sound and Silence” kickstarter might remember that higher-level donors could get their head canon immortalized as ACTUAL canon by naming a Bluesky station or a more modest space station.

Pierce Fraser, Hc Svnt Dracones’s author, gave the Radio Free Deimos crew the nod to build a quasi-canon visitor’s guide to these stations! We’re very excited to be able to participate in the HSD universe in such a hands-on way, and to help HSD fans collaborate in building the universe!

Blueskies and stations will be added to the work-in-progress “Pocket Guide to Sol” and featured on the podcast. With the author’s permission, we may even be able to add a clickable starmap!

The list of known space stations is below. If one of them is yours, drop us a note (use the form below or email us), and together we’ll help build the solar system! Got a good idea for a station/bluesky but couldn’t back the kickstarter? We can still include it in the gazetteer, which is mostly fan materials anyway! Known “Kickstarter” backer stations are marked with a “*“>

Bluesky Stations

B1 Amazon Station *
B2 Reclamation Point *
B3 Horizon Watch *
B4 Han’Tso-Kho’Ra *
B5 Grove *
B6 Alder Station *
B7 Bolt and Bolt Rivet Rig *
B8 Euphoria’s Resolution *
B9 Kiedro Station, “The Folly” *
B10 Endean Point Station *

Other Canon Blueskies:
The Quad
“For Deimos”
Nephilim Mana Platform
Exculpation Station

Space Stations

S1 Hawking Station *
S2 Deep Drop
S3 Red Horizon *
S4 Amitas
S5 Vice and Virtue Resort *
S6 ???
S7 Facility of Exo-atmospheric Training *
S8 Better View
S9 Paradise, Las Vegas Nueva *
S10 Victory
S11 Spectrum 18
S12 Venerate
S13 Special Amenities Division *
S14 The Palisade
S15 A Calculated Risk
S16 Dracoloup *
S17 Voltaire Station *
S18 Altrez Station *
S19 Moneypit
S20 ???
S21 Cleanroom 02
S22 Adam 22
S23 ASR PG Orbital Support
S24 Nest
S25 ???
S26 Lennora Van’Phour Station *
S27 Mid Ring Action Station
S28 “Patchkit Palace” IRPF *
S29 Chronometrics
S31 Irrelativity
S32 Silver Lining
S33 The Oublie Draco *
S34 Hollow Point
S35 Lucent Energies
S36 Farcall
S37 Reach
S38 Coffee and Dognutts
S39 Spinside Launch
S40 Farstorage 023
Use this form to start building your space station. If you aren’t a writer, we can help with fine-tuning your description. If you’ve got any pictures you’d like to use or want to record a short audio piece for the podcast, tell us here!

Bluesky/Space Station Registration Form

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