Izwe Station

An agricultural station and hyena clan political token with the motto, “the freest range beef is orbital.”

The Rhiannon

Also Known As: The Mousetrap Zone: Mars Location: Mars orbit, usually parked over the Utopia Planitia basin in Mars Details: One of the older Bluesky stations, and perhaps one of the stranger ones. Rhiannon was commissioned directly by MarsCo on behalf of the mouse...


A Venusian springtime celebration of bureaucratic inefficiency, contrariness, and local culture


Once a University, then a prison, now a reliquary, Kafka 6 is a deep vault of 20th century cultural and literary criticism…if that’s somehow your thing.

Christmas and Unification Day

Also Known As: Yule, Terran New Years Zone: Sol System Location: Recognized across Sol. and the only holidays held on the old Terran calendar. Unification Day is held on January 1, Christmas on December 25. Unification Day is celebrated in more formal spaces,...


A tongue-in-cheek holiday celebrated on countless virtual battlefields and gaming spaces