Basketball with technological assists and evolving teams (with thanks to Tygon!)

Giant Robot Ball

Football/Basketball inspired sport, but with giant robots. It’s right there in the name, really. (With thanks to Whines!)


Either space dodgeball with a basket, or full-contact space basketball. Your choice. Quintessential ballball game.


Something between ziplining, roller coasters, and Tron’s light cycles, but without all that protective gear.

Sci-Fi (and other) Sports

Working toward a July 2019 episode of Radio Free Deimos, the final part of a three-part series on Pulse, we wanted to take a look at some sports from history and fantasy/sci-fi that might make the transition to Sol 702AE. Okay, so some of these aren’t...

Urban Brawl

Two teams of adventurers are turned out on 9-16 innocent city blocks to play a round of Death Soccer.


Dungeons and Dragons, but in the future, with a studio audience and on Pay-Per-View.