Basketball with technological assists and evolving teams (with thanks to Tygon!)

Giant Robot Ball

Football/Basketball inspired sport, but with giant robots. It’s right there in the name, really. (With thanks to Whines!)


Either space dodgeball with a basket, or full-contact space basketball. Your choice. Quintessential ballball game.


Something between ziplining, roller coasters, and Tron’s light cycles, but without all that protective gear.

Urban Brawl

Two teams of adventurers are turned out on 9-16 innocent city blocks to play a round of Death Soccer.


Dungeons and Dragons, but in the future, with a studio audience and on Pay-Per-View.


Dadaist trampoline jousting from the world of The Prisoner

Anbo Jyutsu

A martial art from the Star Trek universe, staff-fighting guided by subtle sounds.

Parrises Squares

The most dangerous thing in Star Trek isn’t a phaser or a Bird of Prey. It’s Space Basketball that’s going to kill you.