The Prehistory of Sol

1965 through….? Ancient Terran Calendar

Internet Beginnings

1967 (Terran calendar): ARPANET, foundation of the Internet, created


1989 (Terran): Beginnings of the World Wide Web

Cuil Theory, Hamburgers

2008 (Terran): Cuil Theory leaked on “Reddit”

Mobile Internet Era

2014 (Terran): Celphone browsing exeeds desktop internet browsing

Terra Restricts Communications

-65 AE: Terran governments attempt to regulate inter-nation communication

Geomat 1.0

-60 AE: Invention of the first Geomats

First Corptowns

-50 AE: Early non-government “Corptown” cities form

Corporate Educational System

-48 AE: Corporate education system, other corpcitizen support develops

Seeds of Megacorp

-45 AE: Multi-industry corporations and consolidation

Geomat 2.0

-35 AE: Space-ready second generation Geomats


-33 AE: Martian colony corps consolidate, forming Marsco

Mars Colonies

-33 AE: Three Martian colonies formed, biotech research

The Age of Mars

-33 AE: The early history of Mars is the history of Sol…


-28 AE: Protovector “Sphinx” created


-26 AE: Bipedal animal hybrids, moral outrage

Protovector Ban

-24 AE: Terran Governments outlaw hybrids

Early Transcendence

-23 AE: Europan echoes hint at alien geometries

“Save Them”

-23 AE: Marsco receives protovector documentation

End of First Generation Protovectors

-16 AE: First wave of protovectors reach end of 10-year lifespan

Generation One

-15 AE: 180 vectors created from six species: Vector Generation One

Vector Panic

-15 AE: Terra uncomfortable with Vector Project…

Vector Citizenship

-15 AE: Dogs Given the Vote

Terran Unrest

-14 AE: Legal challenges to MarsCo, public reaction to Vectors

Marsco Goes Silent

-10 AE: Fears of backlash cause Marsco to shut down PR streams

War On Terra

-9 AE: Cold war and war of attrition begin on Terra

Generation Two

-8 AE : Generation 2: Morphisms, Mutations, Mustelids

Terra Firma

-8 AE: One World Government established on Terra

Nuclear War

-7 AE: Limited nuclear war on Terra

Hemivectors: Science Embraces the Cat-Girls

-6 AE: Retroactive gene modification used to create a new breed of Vector

Mars Spaceport Sabotage

-6 AE: Hemi terrorists destroy Marsco space port

Hydra Unleashed

-5 AE: AI released on Terra unlocks nuclear holocaust

Sentry’s Cultural Clock

-4 AE: Marsco’s AI Sentry programmed with plan for Vector cultural development

End of Terran Life

AE 0: All life on Terra extinguished

Humanity’s Dark Age

0-6 AE?: Humanity loses direction after the end of Terra

Protovector “race” fades away

5 AE: Probable end of protovector “race”

The Credit

5 AE: The credit currency system developed, but is unstable

Generation Three

5 AE: Generation Three, “Sink or Swim”

Owl Terror

6 AE: Owl mutation ends one fourth of bird line

Homeland Mars

8 AE: Mars establishes culture and basic economy

Raccoon Time Bomb

18 AE: Raccoon-borne lateral “vaccine” discovered

Sentry Goes Silent?

AE 20: Marsco’s “Sentry” AI goes quiet?

Marsco Fades into the Background?

AE 21: Marsco enters an “eyes closed” phase

Generation Three Completed

AE 30: completion of Gen 3 Vector lines

The First Subsidiaries

AE 30: ASR, Genotype, Pulse

Silent War Beginnings

AE 37: Beginnings of Silent War and Phase Out of Humanity

Sentry Shutdown

AE 40: Sentry shuts down, leaving Marsco blind

Pulse – Game On!

AE 46: Pulse expands its role as sports/media conglomerate

Pulse Goes Pro

AE 50: Pulse Goes Mega

Project Limitless?

AE 58: Pulse’s failed social unification project

Genotype Focuses on Rats

AE 65: Genotype and the purification of the Rat brand

ASR Creates Cogs

AE 67: ASR creates, and is defined by, Cogs

The Hundred Years Recession?

AE 69? – 107 : Economic instability and culture war shakes Mars

The Silent War

AE 69-110?: Gradual and covert phase-out of humanity

Phobos Base

AE 84: Genetic and technological archive established on Phobos

Corptown Riots

AE 85: Food and supply riots across colonized Mars

Cog Technology Refined

AE 87: 20 years of improvement of the Cog concept

Sentry Rebooted?

AE 89: After a 50 year lull, Marsco’s guiding AI is back

The Plague Years

AE 102: Vectors meet an old friend: disease

Life On Earth

AE 102: Radio signals indicate life on Terra

Pulse Arenas Open

AE 105: Pulse rediscovers blood sports

The Ledger

AE 107: Creation and rapid adoption of the Ledger

The Great Boom

AE 109-AE 240: The Ledger leads to an age of exploration and exploitation

Luna Colony One and the Last Human Family

AE 111 (150?): Luna Colony One and the Last Human Family

Marsco Lowers Health Prices

AE 112: Marsco fights the plague with lower health care costs

Stellarum Startup

AE 120: MarsCo’s ship-building subsidiary Stellarum

Last Human Family Killed, End of (Known) Human Race

AE 126: End of human race

Phobos Expansion, Genetic Archive Hacked

AE 131: Phobos expands, Human DNA vanishes

Pale Man

AE 156: Signals from the Terra colony terminated by alien entity

Genotype Creates Mouse Race

AE 180: Generation Mouse

Cat and Rat War

AE 195: Felidae corps wage war on Genotype

Genotype…killed off

AE 200: Genotype disbanded

Martian Population Rises

AE 224: Mars Overcrowding Fears

Stellarum’s High Point

AE 228: Stellarum rises as megacorp, increased ship building across Sol

The Dawn March I

AE 237: Early scientific experimentation on Mercury

Spyglass Expands

AE 243: Rise of Spyglass

First Venus Colony…?

AE 247: First Venus corptown?

Luna Colony Success

AE 267: Boom period for Luna Colony

Progenitus Goes Public

AE 284: Progenitus reveals medical corruption, buys medical industry

Progenitus Sister Companies?

AE 284?: Did Spyglass create other successful spinoffs?

TTI “first” Visit to Europa

AE 322: Early exploration of Europa

ASR Blasts Off Again

AE 331: ASR, Stellarum develop Thrust Drive

Phobos Expands

AE 340: Phobos Spaceport Expands

Age of Piracy

AE 342-420 (290-420?): Pirates vs. Police in the inner ring

The Dawn March II

AE 355: Reawakening interest in the Dawn Drive

Ganymede Colony

AE 355: Ganymede Colony established


AE 358: The launch failure of “Cog 2.0”

Nephalim Mana Platform Construction

AE 363: Construction of Nephalim Mana Platform completed

Second Return to Earth

AE372 (360?): Return to Terra, Terror

Completion of Ganymede Terraforming

AE 385: Ganymede’s Terraforming

Terraforming of Venus Begins

AE 415: The great project of Terraforming Venus

The Interplanetary Age

AE 415-511: Sol’s Golden Age

TTI Crowdfunding Campaign Successful

AE 420: TTI finds funding for its Europa voyage

Colonization of Europa begins

AE 424: Europa Colonists Go Forth

IRPF Gets its Badge

AE 425: IRPF spinoff established

What about the Outer Ring?

AE 425-483: No law in the outer colony?

Discovery of Alien Life: The Monolith

AE 425: Discovery of the Monolith

Venus Terraforming Complete

AE 430: Venus Terraforming Complete

The Dawn March III

AE 434: New resources and tech funneled to the Dawn March project

Welcome to the Shambles

AE 438: The beginning of the Shambles grotto?

The Master’s Voice

AE 443: (Re)Discovery of the Master’s Voice

Stellarum and Ganymede’s Tech Industry

AE 447: Ganymede’s strong shipbuilding industry

Bombs Over Io

AE 455: Io “Colony?” established

Progenitus Announces Creation of Vitae

AE 474: Vitae manufacturing begins

For Deimos

AE 475: Accidental demolition of Deimos moon

TTI Develops Alternative Uses for Vitae

AE 481: TTI uses vitae to redefine “alive”

Rift between TTI and Progenitus

AE 483: TTI and Progenitus rivalry develops

Music of the Spheres

AE 493: Spyglass releases templates for Phylactery Spheres

Terran-Launched Ship Explodes

AE 509 (550-570?): Mysterious ship launches from Terra

Return to Earth, Destruction of Luna One

AE 511: Earth mission leads to Luna One’s destruction

Whisper and Pale Man Invasion of Mars

AE 511: Whisper and Pale Men invasion

Whisper Quarantine

AE 511: Travel lockdown in Sol

The Whisper Recession

AE 511-550: The Whisper Recession

TTI Captures Whisper

AE 512: TTI Announces Capture of Whisper

Stellarum Sets

AE 514: Stellarum Megacorp shuts down

Where’s Pulse?

AE 515: Noteworthy absence of Pulse during Whisper Recession

The Proving Grounds

AE 518: ASR’s colossal Ganymede robot battle arena opens

Rabbit Race War

AE 518-523: Cats vs Rabbit War

Business as Usual in the New Normal

AE 538: A return to “normal” after Whisper invasion

Ivory Tower

AE 540: Construction begins on Spear of Heaven

Trade Between Worlds Strengthens

AE 546: Interplanetary Trade Resumes and Expands

The Transcendent Age

AE 550-605: Ambiguous but positive era of growth and weird

Transcendent Implants

AE 550: New, very strange, technology

Nephalim Codex

AE 565: The Trancendent Bible released on Solnet

A New Ganymede, A New Jove

AE 570: Ganymede Grows Up

Digitrans teleportation developed by Pulse

AE 572: Pulse Gets You There Quicker

The Dusk March

AE 600: Dusk March begins on Mercury

Post-Transcendent Age, Modern Sol

AE 605-Present: Sol’s Modern Era

Whisperwerk on Terra

AE 605: Ruby Spire on Terra

Earth Quarantine expanded

AE 608: IRPF establishes permanent Terran quarantine zone

TTI Expands its Catalog

AE 614: Bioprobes and other living products emerge from TTI labs

Longbow Legacy

AE 620: Longbow Bluesky abandoned, unfinished

Transcendentally Weird

AE 620: Strange Rumors from Europa

Broken Bow

AE 650: Longbow attacks cripple station

Creation of Exonymph species

AE 665: Gelic Saans creates, is eaten by, exonymphs

TTI Establishes Mercury Presence

AE 674: TTI Research on Mercury

TTI Withdraws

AE 690: TTI regulates travel, fades from public view

AE 700

AE 700: Sol Present Day (HSD 1.0)

Lumen Launches

AE 702: Lumen and light-speed technology

Eyes on the Spire

AE 703: Pulse and Progenitus lead the charge against the Terran Menace

Timeline Post

AE 700: A Thing Happened