Terran Prehistory:

Copies of ancient databases hint at the world humanity created before the rise of corporate rule…

The Prehistory of Sol

1965 through….? Ancient Terran Calendar

Internet Beginnings

1967 (Terran calendar): ARPANET, foundation of the Internet, created


1989 (Terran): Beginnings of the World Wide Web

Cuil Theory, Hamburgers

2008 (Terran): Cuil Theory leaked on “Reddit”

Mobile Internet Era

2014 (Terran): Celphone browsing exeeds desktop internet browsing

The Terran Age

That brief period of modern history where Terra was the primary force.

Terra Restricts Communications

-65 AE: Terran governments attempt to regulate inter-nation communication

Geomat 1.0

-60 AE: Invention of the first Geomats

First Corptowns

-50 AE: Early non-government “Corptown” cities form

Corporate Educational System

-48 AE: Corporate education system, other corpcitizen support develops

Seeds of Megacorp

-45 AE: Multi-industry corporations and consolidation

Geomat 2.0

-35 AE: Space-ready second generation Geomats

The Mars Age

The shaping of Mars and the early history of MarsCo


-33 AE: Martian colony corps consolidate, forming Marsco

Mars Colonies

-33 AE: Three Martian colonies formed, biotech research

The Age of Mars

-33 AE: The early history of Mars is the history of Sol…


-28 AE: Protovector “Sphinx” created


-26 AE: Bipedal animal hybrids, moral outrage

Protovector Ban

-24 AE: Terran Governments outlaw hybrids

Early Transcendence

-23 AE: Europan echoes hint at alien geometries

“Save Them”

-23 AE: Marsco receives protovector documentation

End of First Generation Protovectors

-16 AE: First wave of protovectors reach end of 10-year lifespan

Generation One

-15 AE: 180 vectors created from six species: Vector Generation One

Vector Panic

-15 AE: Terra uncomfortable with Vector Project…

Vector Citizenship

-15 AE: Dogs Given the Vote

Terran Unrest

-14 AE: Legal challenges to MarsCo, public reaction to Vectors

Marsco Goes Silent

-10 AE: Fears of backlash cause Marsco to shut down PR streams

War On Terra

-9 AE: Cold war and war of attrition begin on Terra

Generation Two

-8 AE : Generation 2: Morphisms, Mutations, Mustelids

Terra Firma

-8 AE: One World Government established on Terra

Nuclear War

-7 AE: Limited nuclear war on Terra

Hemivectors: Science Embraces the Cat-Girls

-6 AE: Retroactive gene modification used to create a new breed of Vector

Mars Spaceport Sabotage

-6 AE: Hemi terrorists destroy Marsco space port

Hydra Unleashed

-5 AE: AI released on Terra unlocks nuclear holocaust

Sentry’s Cultural Clock

-4 AE: Marsco’s AI Sentry programmed with plan for Vector cultural development

End of Terran Life

AE 0: All life on Terra extinguished

Humanity’s Dark Age

0-6 AE?: Humanity loses direction after the end of Terra

Protovector “race” fades away

5 AE: Probable end of protovector “race”

The Credit

5 AE: The credit currency system developed, but is unstable

Generation Three

5 AE: Generation Three, “Sink or Swim”

Owl Terror

6 AE: Owl mutation ends one fourth of bird line

Homeland Mars

8 AE: Mars establishes culture and basic economy

Raccoon Time Bomb

18 AE: Raccoon-borne lateral “vaccine” discovered

Sentry Goes Silent?

AE 20: Marsco’s “Sentry” AI goes quiet?

Marsco Fades into the Background?

AE 21: Marsco enters an “eyes closed” phase

Generation Three Completed

AE 30: completion of Gen 3 Vector lines

The First Subsidiaries

AE 30: ASR, Genotype, Pulse

Silent War Beginnings

AE 37: Beginnings of Silent War and Phase Out of Humanity

Sentry Shutdown

AE 40: Sentry shuts down, leaving Marsco blind

Pulse – Game On!

AE 46: Pulse expands its role as sports/media conglomerate

Pulse Goes Pro

AE 50: Pulse Goes Mega

Project Limitless?

AE 58: Pulse’s failed social unification project

Genotype Focuses on Rats

AE 65: Genotype and the purification of the Rat brand

ASR Creates Cogs

AE 67: ASR creates, and is defined by, Cogs

The “Hundred Years” Crash

Economic collapse in early Mars leads to recession, plague, and cultural collapse.

The Hundred Years Recession?

AE 69? – 107 : Economic instability and culture war shakes Mars

The Silent War

AE 69-110?: Gradual and covert phase-out of humanity

Phobos Base

AE 84: Genetic and technological archive established on Phobos

Corptown Riots

AE 85: Food and supply riots across colonized Mars

Cog Technology Refined

AE 87: 20 years of improvement of the Cog concept

Sentry Rebooted?

AE 89: After a 50 year lull, Marsco’s guiding AI is back

The Plague Years

AE 102: Vectors meet an old friend: disease

Life On Earth

AE 102: Radio signals indicate life on Terra

Pulse Arenas Open

AE 105: Pulse rediscovers blood sports

The Great Boom

The establishment of the Ledger opens a romantic period of exploration and glorious corporate excess.

The Ledger

AE 107: Creation and rapid adoption of the Ledger

The Great Boom

AE 109-AE 240: The Ledger leads to an age of exploration and exploitation

Luna Colony One and the Last Human Family

AE 111 (150?): Luna Colony One and the Last Human Family

Marsco Lowers Health Prices

AE 112: Marsco fights the plague with lower health care costs

Stellarum Startup

AE 120: MarsCo’s ship-building subsidiary Stellarum

Last Human Family Killed, End of (Known) Human Race

AE 126: End of human race

Phobos Expansion, Genetic Archive Hacked

AE 131: Phobos expands, Human DNA vanishes

Pale Man

AE 156: Signals from the Terra colony terminated by alien entity

Genotype Creates Mouse Race

AE 180: Generation Mouse

Cat and Rat War

AE 195: Felidae corps wage war on Genotype

Genotype…killed off

AE 200: Genotype disbanded

Martian Population Rises

AE 224: Mars Overcrowding Fears

Stellarum’s High Point

AE 228: Stellarum rises as megacorp, increased ship building across Sol

The Dawn March I

AE 237: Early scientific experimentation on Mercury

Spyglass Expands

AE 243: Rise of Spyglass

The Early Space Age

Exploration of the solar system and a budding spaceflight industry is hampered by piracy and technological limitations

First Venus Colony…?

AE 247: First Venus corptown?

Luna Colony Success

AE 267: Boom period for Luna Colony

Progenitus Goes Public

AE 284: Progenitus reveals medical corruption, buys medical industry

Progenitus Sister Companies?

AE 284?: Did Spyglass create other successful spinoffs?

TTI “first” Visit to Europa

AE 322: Early exploration of Europa

ASR Blasts Off Again

AE 331: ASR, Stellarum develop Thrust Drive

Phobos Expands

AE 340: Phobos Spaceport Expands

Age of Piracy

AE 342-420 (290-420?): Pirates vs. Police in the inner ring

The Dawn March II

AE 355: Reawakening interest in the Dawn Drive

Ganymede Colony

AE 355: Ganymede Colony established


AE 358: The launch failure of “Cog 2.0”

Nephalim Mana Platform Construction

AE 363: Construction of Nephalim Mana Platform completed

Second Return to Earth

AE372 (360?): Return to Terra, Terror

Completion of Ganymede Terraforming

AE 385: Ganymede’s Terraforming

The Interplanetary Age

The Golden Age of vector civilization: Conquering Venus, expanding to the outer ring, and the discovery of alien life.

Terraforming of Venus Begins

AE 415: The great project of Terraforming Venus

The Interplanetary Age

AE 415-511: Sol’s Golden Age

TTI Crowdfunding Campaign Successful

AE 420: TTI finds funding for its Europa voyage

Colonization of Europa begins

AE 424: Europa Colonists Go Forth

IRPF Gets its Badge

AE 425: IRPF spinoff established

What about the Outer Ring?

AE 425-483: No law in the outer colony?

Discovery of Alien Life: The Monolith

AE 425: Discovery of the Monolith

Venus Terraforming Complete

AE 430: Venus Terraforming Complete

The Dawn March III

AE 434: New resources and tech funneled to the Dawn March project

Welcome to the Shambles

AE 438: The beginning of the Shambles grotto?

The Master’s Voice

AE 443: (Re)Discovery of the Master’s Voice

Stellarum and Ganymede’s Tech Industry

AE 447: Ganymede’s strong shipbuilding industry

Bombs Over Io

AE 455: Io “Colony?” established

Progenitus Announces Creation of Vitae

AE 474: Vitae manufacturing begins

For Deimos

AE 475: Accidental demolition of Deimos moon

TTI Develops Alternative Uses for Vitae

AE 481: TTI uses vitae to redefine “alive”

Rift between TTI and Progenitus

AE 483: TTI and Progenitus rivalry develops

Music of the Spheres

AE 493: Spyglass releases templates for Phylactery Spheres

The Whisper Recession

A return to Terra unlocks an alien invasion, and Sol is cast into a dark age of paranoia and financial collapse.

Terran-Launched Ship Explodes

AE 509 (550-570?): Mysterious ship launches from Terra

Return to Earth, Destruction of Luna One

AE 511: Earth mission leads to Luna One’s destruction

Whisper and Pale Man Invasion of Mars

AE 511: Whisper and Pale Men invasion

Whisper Quarantine

AE 511: Travel lockdown in Sol

The Whisper Recession

AE 511-550: The Whisper Recession

TTI Captures Whisper

AE 512: TTI Announces Capture of Whisper

Stellarum Sets

AE 514: Stellarum Megacorp shuts down

Where’s Pulse?

AE 515: Noteworthy absence of Pulse during Whisper Recession

The Proving Grounds

AE 518: ASR’s colossal Ganymede robot battle arena opens

Rabbit Race War

AE 518-523: Cats vs Rabbit War

Business as Usual in the New Normal

AE 538: A return to “normal” after Whisper invasion

Ivory Tower

AE 540: Construction begins on Spear of Heaven

Trade Between Worlds Strengthens

AE 546: Interplanetary Trade Resumes and Expands

The Transcendent Age

TTI’s discoveries change what Sol knows about the universe, and restore morale, if not normalcy, to the system.

The Transcendent Age

AE 550-605: Ambiguous but positive era of growth and weird

Transcendent Implants

AE 550: New, very strange, technology

Nephalim Codex

AE 565: The Trancendent Bible released on Solnet

A New Ganymede, A New Jove

AE 570: Ganymede Grows Up

Digitrans teleportation developed by Pulse

AE 572: Pulse Gets You There Quicker

The Dusk March

AE 600: Dusk March begins on Mercury

The Post-Transcendent Age, Modern Sol

Strange changes on Terra suggest that the universe is darker than ever imagined, and the modern era opens under a cloud of vague unease…

Post-Transcendent Age, Modern Sol

AE 605-Present: Sol’s Modern Era

Whisperwerk on Terra

AE 605: Ruby Spire on Terra

Earth Quarantine expanded

AE 608: IRPF establishes permanent Terran quarantine zone

TTI Expands its Catalog

AE 614: Bioprobes and other living products emerge from TTI labs

Longbow Legacy

AE 620: Longbow Bluesky abandoned, unfinished

Transcendentally Weird

AE 620: Strange Rumors from Europa

Broken Bow

AE 650: Longbow attacks cripple station

Creation of Exonymph species

AE 665: Gelic Saans creates, is eaten by, exonymphs

TTI Establishes Mercury Presence

AE 674: TTI Research on Mercury

TTI Withdraws

AE 690: TTI regulates travel, fades from public view

AE 700

AE 700: Sol Present Day (HSD 1.0)

Lumen Launches

AE 702: Lumen and light-speed technology

Eyes on the Spire

AE 703: Pulse and Progenitus lead the charge against the Terran Menace